Eighth grade vocabulary words come in groups of about 12 to 25. The words are from or are related to the texts we’re reading, and they also often appear on lists of most common words on the ACT/SAT.

Your ultimate learning target is to make these words a permanent part of your vocabulary, meaning you can…

  • understand the definitions, part of speech, synonyms and antonyms
  • utilize the words correctly and effectively in written and verbal communication
  • identify and use various forms and tenses of the words

Challenge yourself to use the words – in conversations with friends and teachers, your parents, and pretty much anyone else you want to impress! Use the words in any writing you do for any of your classes! And by all means, point it out when you hear the word or see the word not just in school but also out in the wider world.

For purposes of vocabulary assessments, study the definitions, synonyms, and antonyms that I provide!

I highly recommend the pen and paper flashcards on index cards, as well as online review games such as quizlet. Review vocabulary words daily. Every day, for even just five minutes, study your vocabulary words. Also, every day, try to use the words correctly in context.

Check out this list of apps and games to help your learn vocabulary words!

Check out this list of common prefixes and root words to help you learn vocabulary words!

Word Lists


SketchNotes Learning Targets

  • I can creatively and effectively make a visual representation of a word.
  • I can use visual elements like images and icons to show that I understand the word with little to no help from textual elements such as speech bubbles.

SketchNotes Resources

Screen+Shot+2013-01-16+at+12.52.47+PMSketchNotes are most effective as learning tools when they…

  • Include all the information you’re seeking to learn. For vocabulary, this includes: the word, part(s) of speech, definition(s), synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Make use of vivid images and fonts that help you create a visual memory of the information.
  • Map ideas in a structure that makes sense to you and helps you master the information.

Here are examples of past students’ SketchNotes:



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