Jack Smith & Bill McCloud

Part I: Jack Smith

As you know, you are to read Jack Smith‘s story and practice your note-taking skills. We discussed the format for notes in class: one column for Notes, and one column for Comments & Questions. If you were not in class when we discussed how to set up notes for this reading, please ask a classmate!


Part II: The Poetry of Bill McCloud

Read and annotate your Vietnam poetry packet (handed out in class – a few extra copies in bins right inside door, next to crate where I return papers – or print yourself a copy from link). As you read, please annotate for the following:

Reactions and Responses

  • What does the poem make you think or feel?
  • How does the poem relate to what we’ve learned about in American Studies?
  • How do the poems relate to one another?
  • What do you like or find interesting about the poem? What do you dislike about it?
  • What surprised you, confused you, made you stop and think, made you see from a different perspective?


  • Contrasts & Contradictions: Why is the character doing that?
  • Aha Moment: How might this change things?
  • Tough Questions: What does this question make ME wonder about?
  • Words of the Wiser: What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?
  • Again & Again: Why does this keep happening or coming up?
  • Memory Moment: Why might this memory be important?

Word Gaps

  • Look up words or abbreviations you don’t know.


  • What questions do you have for the poet, Professor Bill McCloud? As you know, we will Skype with Professor McCloud on Monday, June 4th!