Secession Statements MiniQ

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Why secede?

Learning Targets for Reading:

  • I can closely read and analyze primary source documents.
  • I can identify, analyze and discuss Notice and Note Nonfiction signposts in texts.
  • I can draw evidence and examples from a text that most strongly support my summary, analysis, ideas, opinions, and/or reflection about it.

Learning Targets for Writing:

  • I can compose a clear, concise claim (a.k.a. thesis statement) that identifies my main, central argument.
  • I can support my claim with evidence and examples.
  • I can explain my evidence with sound reasoning that demonstrates how it supports my claim.
  • I can write with an academic voice, which is more formal and less conversational.
  • I can accurately cite the sources of my evidence.
  • I can communicate my ideas and opinions clearly and properly with solid conventions.
  • I can follow all instructions provided. Note: This score is either a 0 or a 3 and cannot be reassessed.

Find all of the documents on GoogleClassroom.

If you find the buckets, chickenfoot, and outline helpful, please use them! Find and use the writing tools that work best for YOU.


In class on Wed 10/11 and Thurs 10/12…

The Mini-Q buckets, chicken foot graphic organizers, and the outline guide are due for EVERYONE on Monday 10/16. Everyone will have English on Monday 10/16.

While I’m out, you’re working on your Mini-Q and taking the Bar Exam! If you finish up both these monumental achievements, then do some NoRedInk, study for the vocab test, practice typing, or read your outside reading book!

Please feel free to email me questions. Or ask Xave to text me. 😉

Click here for the screencast on bucketing and chickenfooting!

Keep your hard copy buckets and chickenfoot graphic organizer in your binder. I will collect them when I return to school. Thanks!

Click here for the screencast on the outline guide!

Submit your outline guide on GoogleClassroom.

Note: Wednesday 10/11 is the last day to turn in vocabulary sketchnotes revisions. If you revise and resubmit, you must hand them in to Ms. Roadhouse directly. Ms. Roadhouse will initial your sketchnotes to prove that you handed them in when they were due. Sorry to say, but Mrs. Erlandson cannot and will not accept them on Thursday or Friday…

Mini-Q in Civics: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

Remember, this is NOT homework over the weekend. We will reconvene in our English sections next week!


In American Studies English on Thursday 9/28, you’ll be working on the Mini-Q without me. Utilize the screencasts every step of the way! Of course, feel free to email me questions, and I’ll get back to you as I can. You can also ask me questions when I return on Friday 9/29.

All of the documents you need for the Mini-Q are on GoogleClassroom. You may absolutely collaborate and work with classmates, but you are each individually responsible for typing up your own individual work in your own individual documents and then submitting them individually. Got that, individual? No part of this is “divide and conquer” or “cut and paste.”

This work should definitely be challenging, but you’re all quite capable!

Step One: Screencast on “MiniQ in Civics: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?” Pre-Write

Step Two: Screencast on MiniQ Introduction

Step Three: Screencast on MiniQ Background Essay

Step Four: Screencast on Understanding the Question and Pre-Bucketing

Step Five: Screencast on Documents