For Advising on Mon 10/2…

How can you paint your USM Portrait of a Graduate?

USM Portrait of a Graduate

University School of Milwaukee graduates exhibit a number of characteristics that are indicative of who they are as learners, leaders, and citizens. These characteristics are our Portrait of a Graduate.

University School of Milwaukee develops learners who:

  • demonstrate superior academic skills and knowledge.
  • pursue personal excellence.
  • think independently and creatively.
  • thrive on challenge and celebrate success.

University School of Milwaukee fosters leaders who:

  • champion ethics and integrity.
  • communicate effectively.
  • build meaningful relationships.
  • create innovative solutions.

University School of Milwaukee prepares citizens who:

  • seek joy and balance in life.
  • empathize with and respect others.
  • engage in local and global communities.
  • embody the tenets of our Common Trust.

For Advising today, September 11th…

On days like today, the anniversary of September 11, 2001, it’s important to take the time to think and reflect. We appreciate and honor all of those who served and sacrificed on that day and every day since.

On your notecard, please write your name and a brief reflection to share with your classmates and your families during Back to School Night. Please write neatly and legibly, as these cards will be on display.

Consider these questions in your reflection on your notecard:

What makes someone a hero?

Who can be a hero?

Who are your personal heroes? Why?