Our American Stories

Our American Stories

20th Century Historical Fiction Creative Writing Project


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In third and part of fourth quarter, we take on another creative writing challenge, similar to NaNoWriMo: write a historical fiction story.

You have creative freedom for this assignment, although there are some “must dos”  you will follow.

The form of your story is actually open — it doesn’t necessarily have to be a short story. It might be a collection of poems that work together to tell a story or even a musical composition that tells a story — think of what we learned about music as storytelling at MSO’s “American Stories” and the “Music of the African Diaspora” assembly.

Whatever your form, good historical stories…

  • Are  well-crafted and historically accurate
  • Have a realistic setting (time period, location, landscape, climate)
  • Have true-to-life, authentic characters, especially a well-developed protagonist
  • Have a believable central conflict that drives the plot
  • And history skillfully woven into the story.

Must Do:

  1. Write about ANYTHING from the entire 20th Century (1900-1999).
  2. Research your subject matter and reflect the history accurately in your story.
  3. Put your literary skills to work – think metaphor, simile, allusion, Words of the Wiser, Again and Again, and more…
  4. Use vocabulary words!
  5. No matter what you write, if you write, shoot for about 1500 to 3000 words.
  6. If you choose to compose music or some other art form, speak with Taft and Walczak to establish your specific guidelines.
  7. Create a digital version of your story using a digital storytelling site or app. We will link our stories on the class websites.

Project Pitch

Click here for the project pitch form!


Click here for the Rubric!


Dr. Walczak’s Creative Writing Pinterest Page

20th Century History Pinterest Page


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