Reading Vietnam

ALL sections, please read and annotate the poems in the packet provided in class (pdf also below) by Monday 6/5. Please remember, no late work will be accepted, and reassessment is not an option. More important, though, I will be sharing your work with Professor McCloud.

Please be prepared to spend about 60 minutes total broken up over several days on this work before Monday 6/5.


PDF of poetry packet: Vietnam Poetry by Professor Bill McCloud


Reactions and Responses – Please be sure to respond and react to the poems as you read them. You can just make quick annotations, notes, and bullet points; you don’t have to write in complete sentences or anything like that! You can ask yourself questions like…

  • What does the poem make you think or feel?
  • How does the poem relate to what we’ve learned about in American Studies?
  • How do the poems relate to one another?
  • What do you like or find interesting about the poem? What do you dislike about it?
  • What surprised you, confused you, made you stop and think, made you see from a different perspective?

Questions – As you read the poems, be sure to jot down any questions that come to mind so that we can ask them on Monday!

  • What questions do you have for the poet, Professor Bill McCloud?



Notice and Note Signposts – If you happen to notice a signpost, feel free to note it!

  • Contrasts & Contradictions: Why is the character doing that?
  • Aha Moment: How might this change things?
  • Tough Questions: What does this question make ME wonder about?
  • Words of the Wiser: What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?
  • Again & Again: Why does this keep happening or coming up?
  • Memory Moment: Why might this memory be important?

Word Gaps – You might need to look up some words or abbreviations.

  • Look up words or abbreviations you don’t know.

Last call!


No late work, reassessments, retakes, or anything of the like will be accepted after tomorrow, Friday 5/26.

Assignments due between Tuesday 5/30 and the end of the year will not be accepted late and will not be eligible for reassessment.

Please check your Learning Targets!

If you have not done so lately, please check your Learning Targets log for up-to-date information about target scores and missing work.

Remember, it’s a GoogleSheet shared directly with you. Go to “Shared With Me” and search for “ASR S2 LT.”

If you’re missing work, get it in asap! Realize that we’re meeting for conferences next week! We want only good things to talk about with your parents! 🙂