Please complete this work on the last page of your Secession! Notes handout provided in class.

Secession! Gallery Walk Vocabulary

This is due for EVERYONE on Tuesday 11/27 — EVERYONE has class on Tuesday.

If you don’t have it done, you’ll email your parents and copy me to let them know you didn’t do your homework.

Obviously, if you’re in cast or crew for Seussical, you can use your homework pass!

Truth and Douglass


Excerpt from: The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro ~ Frederick Douglass

What is Douglass saying? What are his key ideas and claims? What does Douglass mean when he uses these important terms and phrases? Why does he use these words and phrases? Why does Douglass’s speech still matter today? Click here to see the handout, but write on the hard copy provided in class.

You can answer these questions, take notes, offer insights and ideas in any way you would like on the handout. Every student will submit their own handout for assessment.

Use the search function on GoogleDocs and the dictionary app to help you.

Click here for resources on Truth and Douglass.

After the assessments…


Reassessments on NoRedInk can be done next week:

  • recess on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
  • Community Time on Monday
  • or after school on Tuesday.

Make an appointment with Doc for reassessment.

Remember, vocabulary reassessment is not available.

After you finish your assessments…

Go to GoogleClassroom. Read “Slavery Comes to America” and annotate using Notice and Note Nonfiction Signposts ~ find this article and submit it on GoogleClassroom.

Notice and Note Signposts for Non-Fiction:

  • Word Gaps — What words or phrases do I need to look up?
  • Numbers and Stats — Why does the author use these numbers or amounts? What do these numbers help me see?
  • Contrasts and Contradictions — What surprised me? What are the differences between two or more perspectives? Why do the differences matter?

Then, explore and examine more resources on “The Fiery Trial.”

As you explore and examine, look for Power LinesRecord anything that you find intriguing or disturbing — anything that resonates with you or makes you stop and think — anything you think is beautiful, dangerous, inspirational, scary, confusing, chilling, or uplifting.  Add the Power Lines you find to the collection in our classroom.

Collect those Power Lines — words, phrases, sentences, quotations — for your final found poetry! Click here for the found poetry assignmentCopy the language word for word in the order or in the sequence you find it. Cite the source informally, meaning somehow note where you’re taking it from.

Go to the “Fiery Trial” page to find the resources.

New Vocabulary List!

Here’s our new Vocabulary List!

Vocabulary List #3 ~ The Fiery Trial / Division and Reunion

Word Maps / Flashcards / Sketchnotes

Whatever format you choose to use, you must create handwritten word maps, flashcards, or sketchnotes that include:

  • words
  • parts of speech
  • definitions
  • synonyms and antonyms
  • original sentences that shows you know what the word means and how to use it properly
  • sketches that show the meaning in pictures, not words – the sketch must show meaning without the sentence next to it

Here is our template for Word Maps.

Word Map / Flashcards / Sketchnotes Learning Targets:

  • Determine and clarify a word’s meaning, including its definition(s), part(s) of speech, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Create an original sentence that shows I understand the word and can use it properly.
  • Create a visual representation of the word that shows its meaning in pictures.
  • Meet the expectations of the 8th grade Writing Specs.

Vocabulary List #3 Word Maps are due by Wednesday 11/14 for everyone.