Mapping and Outlining

First Steps in the DoI MiniQ Essay…

  • Collect two pieces of evidence for each ideal bucket.
  • Decide which ideal is most important.
  • Map out your essay (Eloise thinks it should be a “roadrunner foot” because you’re creating a roadmap for your essay — love it!)
  • Write your claim.

Next Steps…

Final Draft due: for all sections, by the end of the school day on Tuesday 9/25.




What do all those letters mean? And what does it have to do with a space shuttle lift-off? We’ll begin talking about them in class on 9/6 or 9/7; you do not need to do anything with this project before then.

The Ideals of the Declaration: Which Is Most Important?

Overview: In a recent survey conducted by the National Archives, the Declaration of Independence topped all others to emerge as the “most influential document in American history.” Many Americans think of the Declaration as a symbol of the independence from Great Britain that we celebrate on July 4th. While it is certainly that, the Declaration is also a statement of our nation’s main beliefs about government and its relationship to the people. These beliefs have been the centerpiece of American history for more than 230 years. All the ideals are important, but which is most important? That is the question asked by this Mini-Q. The documents needed for the Mini-Q are on GoogleClassroom.