Four legs good, two legs bad.


From the Animal Farm to the Brave New World…

In addition to reading Animal Farm, as we conclude our study of government and civics, we will each choose our own dystopian novel to read.

For this reading assignment, you must read a book that you have not read before. Rereading isn’t an option. If you choose to read a graphic novel, then you must read three. Yes, you read that right: three graphic novels. If you are a non-fiction reader, you can choose a book related to what you’ve been studying in American Studies History. If you have any question about whether or not a book qualifies for this assignment, please ask Doc.

As you read the novel, you’ll have several short writing and presenting assignments that ask you to briefly summarize the book without giving too much away; identify important themes in the book; make connections to what we’ve been working on in both American Studies History and English; make connections to current events; and draw conclusions about the book and those connections.

If you finish a book quickly, then I’d love to see you go above and beyond by reading more than one!


Filling in Gaps in Animal Farm


We will begin working on this in class on M 10/1 or T 10/2. You don’t need to do anything for this assignment before we begin discussing it in class.

Word Gaps and Literary Terms in Animal Farm