You’re on Deadline!

The Ideals of the Declaration: Which Is Most Important? Essay Final Draft Instructions

Learning Targets:

  • I can compose a clear, concise claim that identifies my main, central argument.
  • I can support my claim with evidence and examples.
  • I can explain my evidence with sound reasoning that demonstrates how it supports my claim.
  • I can write with an academic voice, which is more formal and less conversational.
  • I can accurately cite the sources of my evidence.
  • I can meet the expectations of the 8th grade Writing Specs.
  • I can follow all instructions provided. Note: This score is either a 0 or a 3 and cannot be reassessed.

GoogleDocs Document Set-Up:

GoogleDocs document name: First Name Last Name AS English Section DOI Mini-Q Essay / Example: Xavier Barth 1 DOI Mini-Q Essay

Page set-up: MLA format

  • Header with last name and page number in top right corner of every page in 12 pt TNR font (insert header, right justified, type last name, hit space bar, insert page number).
  • 12 pt TNR font, double-spaced — Everything is double-spaced with no skipped lines anywhere in the essay.
  • First line: Name / Second line: AS English Section / Third line: Date (I use due date) / Fourth line: Title (centered) / Fifth line: Essay begins.
  • Title may be in a different font or size but cannot take up more than one line. Capitalize important words in the title.

Document Evidence in the Mini-Q Essay:

  • Whenever you use information from a Document, you need to identify where the information is from.
  • Introduce your evidence, meaning identify what Document your evidence is from, whether you are directly quoting or paraphrasing your source.
  • Give as much context for the Document as possible, including author names and article or artifact titles.
  • Use attributive tags that weave the evidence into your essay as seamlessly as possible. Examples of attributive tags (used to introduce evidence and attribute it to its source) include:


  • According to the “Declaration of Sentiments” in Document A…
  • As the political cartoon by Steve Greenberg in Document B shows, …
  • “The Consent of the Governed: Essential Principles” in Document C states…
  • According to the “Declaration of Tea Party Independence” in Document D, …


  • HIGHLIGHT your main claim/thesis statement for the entire essay in YELLOW (in your introduction paragraph). Also highlight the mini-claim/topic sentence in each body paragraph in YELLOW.
  • HIGHLIGHT in GREEN particularly strong, descriptive, effective word choices. Be extremely selective.
  • HIGHLIGHT in BLUE vocabulary words. Show off your understanding of vocabulary words!
  • HIGHLIGHT each “to be” verb in PINK. Hopefully you have very few of these! You do not need to highlight “to be” verbs from quotations. (“To be” verbs listed below.)
Writing SpecsPut on your writing specs and compare your paper to the Writing Specs for 8th Grade.

Commas and Semicolons: 

Look at your use of commas and semicolons. Try at least one semicolon!

Commas and Conjunctions:

IC + comma + conjunction + IC.

IC no comma DC.

Introductory word, phrase, or clause:

Introduction + comma + IC.


IC + semicolon + IC.

When you’re ready, submit your GoogleDoc on GoogleClassroom.


Word Map Learning Targets

Word Maps

Here is our template for Word Maps.

Word Map Learning Targets:

  • Determine and clarify a word’s meaning, including its definition(s), part(s) of speech, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Create an original sentence that shows I understand the word and can use it properly.
  • Create a visual representation of the word that shows its meaning in pictures.
  • Meet the expectations of the 8th grade Writing Specs.

Word Lists

Mapping and Outlining

First Steps in the DoI MiniQ Essay…

  • Collect two pieces of evidence for each ideal bucket.
  • Decide which ideal is most important.
  • Map out your essay (Eloise thinks it should be a “roadrunner foot” because you’re creating a roadmap for your essay — love it!)
  • Write your claim.

Next Steps…

Final Draft due: for all sections, by the end of the school day on Tuesday 9/25.




In class on 9/12 and 9/13, we will set up our NoRedInk accounts. Always log in with your GA email.

Join your class – please double-check so you are 100% sure what AS English Section you’re in. (Ahem, Quinn…) Class codes are on the board in my classroom.

Your first assignment is to take a parts of speech diagnostic. This diagnostic is a tool for me to understand where each of you are at when it comes to understanding parts of speech. We’ll do similar diagnostics throughout the year as we take on new topics so that I know where we’re all starting!

This diagnostic should take about 20-30 minutes; please complete it by Monday 9/24.

After we’ve completed the diagnostic, then we’ll start working on parts of speech exercises.



What do all those letters mean? And what does it have to do with a space shuttle lift-off? We’ll begin talking about them in class on 9/6 or 9/7; you do not need to do anything with this project before then.

The Ideals of the Declaration: Which Is Most Important?

Overview: In a recent survey conducted by the National Archives, the Declaration of Independence topped all others to emerge as the “most influential document in American history.” Many Americans think of the Declaration as a symbol of the independence from Great Britain that we celebrate on July 4th. While it is certainly that, the Declaration is also a statement of our nation’s main beliefs about government and its relationship to the people. These beliefs have been the centerpiece of American history for more than 230 years. All the ideals are important, but which is most important? That is the question asked by this Mini-Q. The documents needed for the Mini-Q are on GoogleClassroom.