Hard Deadline on Friday 2/1 for everyone!


Much Angery at Winters!

To Do for Everyone – due Friday for everyone, whether you have me for class or not.

1. Learn about the Gilded Age. Check out my Turn of the Twentieth Century: Gilded Age page and Mr. Taft’s Intro to the Gilded Age. Complete the SketchNotes assigned by Mr. Taft; we’ll use them in English, too!
2. Do a little research on reputable sources about the following women.
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • Kate Chopin
  • Ida B. Wells
  • Frances Harper
  • Pauline Hopkins
  • Nellie Bly
Take a few notes on loose-leaf (maybe about five bullet points for each woman) about…
  • what they did during the Turn of the Twentieth Century and/or the Gilded Age,
  • their legacy,
  • and their connection/relation to today.
3. Do some more NoRedInk. We’ll have an assessment soon.
4. Pick your Novels in Verse, make your locker poster (follow instructions on locker poster assignment sheet), and start reading!
5. Brush up on vocab lists #1-3.
6. Begin studying list #4. Do your twelve pictures on big paper – showing meaning of vocab words in pictures only without words. No speech bubbles. Do TWO pictures for “patronage” because there are two distinct, different definitions. Color in your drawings, please!
If you don’t have me for class on Friday, you are responsible for turning in your work during the day.