Upcoming Assessments

Hexagonal Thinking – W 5/23 (sections 1, 5, 7) and Th 5/24 (sections 2, 6)

  • To Kill a MockingbirdAmerican Born ChineseMarch Trilogy, the Civil Rights Movement, and Civil Rights for All (other movements inspired by African-American actions in the Civil Rights Era).
  • You may use: TKAM & Words of the Wiser collector, ABC & Words of the Wiser collector, March Trilogy & Words of the Wiser collector, notes from Taft’s classes on Civil Rights Movement, Civil Rights for All assignment from my class.
  • You will be placed in a pair or small group.
  • Every pair or group will be limited to 70 minutes; what you finish in 70 minutes is what will be assessed.
  • Click here for the group assignments.


Vocabulary Final Exam – W 5/30 (sections 1, 5, 7) and Th 5/31 (sections 2, 6)