Digging in with section 7! The Trial


Close Reading and Analysis of Power Passages

What’s the trial telling us about Maycomb? About Depression Era Jim Crow Deep South America? About race? About inequality? About injustice? About “unfair advantage” (112)?

You can complete separate purple sheets for each set of page numbers, or you can combine several on one. Whatever works for you!


  • Mob Scene 171-79
  • Tate 192
  • Bob Ewell 193-95
  • Mayella 211-14
  • Tom Robinson 216-26
  • Closing Remarks 230-34
  • Verdict 238-40
  • Miss Maudie’s remark 246
  • Atticus’s comments to kids after trial (relates to the mob scene!) 251-54
  • Tom Robinson’s death 268-71

Just a few key lines:

  • “red geraniums” (194)
  • “…his skin was white” (195).
  • “Until my father explained it to me later, I did not understand the subtlety of Tom’s predicament…” (221).
  • “‘I felt right sorry for her” (224).