Digging in with section 5! The Radleys


Close Reading and Analysis of Power Passages

Why are the Radleys important? Why is Boo Radley important? What does Boo “symbolize”?

In Chapter 4, what do the “gifts” Boo Radley leaves in the live oak tree symbolize?

Look at pages 9-16, 36-40, 42-45, 48-51, 52-55, 57-60, 65-71, 80-81, 301-end of the novel.

You can complete separate purple sheets for each set of page numbers, or you can combine several on one. Whatever works for you!

Just a few key lines:

  • “…there were other ways of making people into ghosts” (12).
  • “Flick. A tiny, almost invisible movement…” (16).
  • “Someone inside the house was laughing” (45).
  • “…anything that’s a pleasure is a sin” (49).
  • “…and our lives” (320).
  • Aaaaaaand…pretty much the entire end of the novel.

Knothole in the live oak tree with at the edge of the Radley lot:

  • two sticks of gum
  • pennies
  • twine
  • soap carvings
  • pack of gum
  • medal
  • broken pocketwatch with small pocketknife

And, the blanket…