Power Passages in TKAM


What do you think are the most important passages in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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What passages stop you in your tracks when you read them, hit you deeply, make you re-read them, and strike you as extremely important? What are the key passages — the power passages? What passages include truly meaningful and impactful lines — the power lines? You will choose the power passages we will closely read and analyze together in small groups and as an entire class. Create a list of Power Passages in order in which they appear in the book.

Step One: Choose up to TWELVE power passages from MockingbirdNote: A passage should be around TWO to THREE PAGES long.

Step Two: List the page numbers.

Step Three: Briefly summarize the passage in a sentence or two.

Step Four: Thoroughly explain in a paragraph your reason for choosing the passage. Why is this a power passage?

Step Five: If there is a particular power line in the passage, write it out, citing it in quotation marks and its page number — and an attributive tag if necessary.

Step Six: For any power lines anywhere in the entire book, complete a Power Lines form and hang it on the bulletin board!