WWI & Poetry ~ Poetry Writing Assignment

Poetry Writing Assignment

WWI & Poetry Poetry Writing Assignment

Under “Reading the War,” you’re asked to read and annotate the poems. We will do so in class! The writing, however, will require work both in and out of class.

If you write more than one poem, you need to create a poster for just one.

A hard copy of your poster goes nicely and neatly (make sure it’s straight and secure, please!) on your locker. Submit all of your poetry to GoogleClassroom.

In Memory…

In the Trenches…

As you march, with what little writing supplies you have, read and note:

  • What thoughts or feelings do the poems evoke?
  • What is the tone of each poem?
  • What do you take away from the poem? What are the “Words of the Wiser” of the poem?
  • What figurative language do you find in the poems?
  • Underline your favorite words, phrases, or lines in each poem. Be prepared to explain why this is your favorite line.