Vocabulary Assessment coming up!


We will have a vocabulary assessment on words from lists #1, 2, and 3! While the assessment will focus primarily on list #3, words from the first two lists will also appear!

Please note: There will be NO opportunity for reassessment. Whatever learning target scores you earn on the assessment will be your final scores. You will NOT be able to reassess.

Also, please keep in mind — there will be a comprehensive vocabulary assessment at the end of the year with no opportunity for reassessment. I would hope that at this point, you have lists #1 and 2 mastered and are now working on mastering list #3.

Also note, list #4 is coming very, very soon as we begin our unit on WWI!

Really, at any time, you should only have to study the current list because you have already learned the past lists. If you are not studying vocabulary daily and integrating these words into your own speech and writing, you need to begin doing so immediately.

Student-created Study Tools: