Secession Statements MiniQ

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Why secede?

Learning Targets for Reading:

  • I can closely read and analyze primary source documents.
  • I can identify, analyze and discuss Notice and Note Nonfiction signposts in texts.
  • I can draw evidence and examples from a text that most strongly support my summary, analysis, ideas, opinions, and/or reflection about it.

Learning Targets for Writing:

  • I can compose a clear, concise claim (a.k.a. thesis statement) that identifies my main, central argument.
  • I can support my claim with evidence and examples.
  • I can explain my evidence with sound reasoning that demonstrates how it supports my claim.
  • I can write with an academic voice, which is more formal and less conversational.
  • I can accurately cite the sources of my evidence.
  • I can communicate my ideas and opinions clearly and properly with solid conventions.
  • I can follow all instructions provided. Note: This score is either a 0 or a 3 and cannot be reassessed.

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If you find the buckets, chickenfoot, and outline helpful, please use them! Find and use the writing tools that work best for YOU.