Power Passages!

Here are the Power Passages you chose from To Kill a Mockingbird:

  • Page 33
  • Page 103
  • Pages 109-112
  • Page 128
  • Page 175
  • Page 221
  • Page 228
  • Pages 232-233
  • Pages 269-270
  • Pages 322-323

We will be closely reading and analyzing these passages together over the next several days. To prepare to do so, you may want to mark them in your book and even reread them, looking for signposts! Remember, the signposts are…

  • Contrasts and Contradictions — Why is the character doing that?
  • Aha Moment — How might this change things?
  • Tough Questions — What does this question make ME wonder about?
  • Words of the Wiser — What’s the life lesson and how might it affect the character?
  • Again and Again — Why does this keep happening or coming up?
  • Memory Moment — Why might this memory be important?

For more help with signposts, see Notice and Note on the Reading page!