Close Reading and Analysis of Dolphus Raymond

Learning Targets ~ I can:

  • comprehend and demonstrate my understanding of certain key passages of a novel.
  • find and use specific evidence and examples to support my ideas.
  • define the meaning of words and phrases, not just literal meaning but more metaphorical and symbolic meaning.
  • use Notice and Note signposts.



Dolphus Raymond

Complete a close reading and analysis if the passage where Scout and Dill encounter Dolphus Raymond outside the Courthouse on pages 228-229. Utilize the Close Reading and Analysis of Power Passages form.

Then, closely read pages 179, 243, and 251. What on these pages relates to scene with Scout, Dill, and Dolphus Raymond? Continue your work on a separate sheet of paper.

Are there any other passages or lines in the novel that relate to what we learn about Scout, Dill, Dolphus Raymond, and Maycomb on pages 228-229? Continue writing on the separate sheet of paper you started 

Think not just literally but also more symbolically and metaphorically. Go beyond the obvious.