To Kill a Mockingbird


Once again, I feel compelled to say, “It’s time…”

It’s time to start reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Yes, ok, maybe you’ve heard I “stalked” Harper Lee. I say “stalk” is a harsh word; I’d rather say I “carefully and enthusiastically researched her in person.” But we’ll get to that story later.

In the meantime, before we even remotely begin to study this novel together, I want you to read it FOR FUN. Read it just to enjoy it. Read it for the story, the quirky characters, and the heart-wrenching scenes, and the agonizing challenge…

Before we discuss the story at all, I want you all to just READ it. So, start now. Read it for you. Then we’ll read it for class. Get started and shoot for finishing the novel before we head to D.C.

No annotations are necessary, but of course, if you want to notice and note our signposts, feel free! If you’d like to annotate or look for Notice and Note Signposts, click here for more information. In case you hit Word Gaps, here is Vocabulary List #6.