Rewriting “Fog” (due by 3:15 on Th 3/16)


Click here for the project sheet.

Learning Targets:

  • Create an extended metaphor with a clear purpose or theme in my poem; readers can understand and appreciate my poem.
  • Create an impact with my poem; readers can experience the desired reaction or emotional response to the poem.
  • Create imagery by using vivid and strong words; my word choices are varied, powerful, and precise.
  • Enhance the meaning and impact of my poem with powerful visual elements, such as backgrounds, images, font choices, colors, etc.

First drafts are handwritten! Handwritten drafts have to make it through me and my poetry critiquing stamps before you can type them up and create posters!

Final drafts (electronic copy on GoogleClassroom; hard copy printed and hung on locker) are due for all classes by the end of Community Time on Thursday 3/16.