Words of the Wiser

We will work on this assignment in class; this is not homework for any section.


Learning Targets — I can…

  • identify key passages and “Words of the Wiser” in American Born Chinese.
  • cite specific examples and evidence from the text to support my analysis, ideas, and opinions.
  • compose complete paragraphs with clear topic sentences, evidence, and closing sentences.
  • identify a theme or central idea and its development over the course of the text.
  • determine the meaning of words and phrases, including symbolic, metaphorical, or figurative meaning.

Part I

Now that we’ve re-read the entire novel, page through the book again looking for what you think are the most important lines — the “Power Lines” as Ms. Reimer calls them — and Words of the Wiser.

Sketchnote all of these passages. Write out the words of the wiser. Include page numbers!

Remember — ideas, not art! Don’t worry about whether or not you’re an amazing artist! Capture all the important ideas!

Part II

Create an American Born Chinese laptop decal or sticker! Inspired by the Words of the Wiser in American Born Chinese, design a decal or sticker. You may create online or by hand; please create a color sticker, unless you purposefully choose to make it grayscale.

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment, not a partner one.

Part III

We do not have quite enough time for the formal writing assignment, so we will discuss these questions instead!

Pull all of the words of the wiser from all of the parts of the entire story together. What is the “theme” of the story — what’s the life lesson or the advice of the story?

Who learns it? And from whom do they learn it?

In the end, who ends up to be a Great Sage or a Wiser?