Check your learning targets progress report!

NOTE: I will not accept any work (late work or reassessments) after Monday 12/19.

The only two assignments that are not yet on your progress report are your two poems — the found poem on slavery and the rewriting of “America.” You know if you’ve turned them in or not…

Remember, a hard copy of your poem should be displayed on your locker, and a digital copy must be submitted on GoogleClassroom. I’ll be doing my assessment on GoogleClassroom.

If you submit late work, email me to let me know it’s on GoogleClassroom. I will not go back and check for your work on GoogleClassroom if you do not email me to tell me it’s there.

If you intend to reassess work, you must fill out a form and have it signed by me before the end of the school day Friday 12/16! Reassessments must be submitted on Monday, too.

Again, after Monday, I will accept no more work — including the two poems or any additional assignments given before then.