Speeches and Secession


Calhoun, Truth, and Douglass Shortened Version

Because of complications with missing students and my own absence from school, I am modifying the assignment on Calhoun, Truth, and Douglass. Here is what each student MUST do. If you complete this work with others, please make sure everyone’s names are on it. If you complete it alone because you didn’t/don’t have the opportunity to work with others, that is totally fine.

Each student must…

  • Read Calhoun’s “Slavery: A Positive Good.”
    • Outline the 5 “facts” Calhoun cites as evidence for his claim that slavery is a positive good that benefits everyone.
    • Every group or individual must submit this outline on GoogleClassroom. You may work alone or with your Platoon; if you work with your Platoon, you need to submit only one copy, but make sure everyone’s names are on it.
    • If you do SketchNotes, make sure everyone’s names are on them and turn them in to me.
  • Watch Kerry Washington’s recitation of Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman?”
  • Watch James Earl Jones’s recitation of excerpts from Douglass’s “The Meaning of the Fourth of July.”

For a badge and Civil War Points…

Record a video of your response to Calhoun. He sits down; you stand up. What do you say? You may do this in a group of up to three or on your own. In a group, every person must be a part of the video, meaning each person must speak.


In class, you looked at a specific state’s reasons for seceding and summarized those reasons in your own words.

Now, with your platoon in your English class, complete the rest of “Why Secede? Close Reading and Analysis.”

Make another new copy of this document from GoogleClassroom and share it with your platoon. Make sure everyone’s names are on the document. Then, starting with Source A, work through the various primary sources, graphs, and so on.

This assignment is NOT divide and conquer. Look at each source together and answer every question together.

Sumbit your work on GoogleClassroom.

Flag —

Also be sure to submit your state’s flag illustrating your reasons for seceding! (Started in class on Monday 11/28.)