While Company Doctor Walczak is out…


That’s Doc in the middle there.

Company Doctor Walczak will be out of town at two super-cool English teacher conferences on Friday 11/18, Monday 11/21, and Tuesday 11/22. Here are your Marching Orders.

  • Be respectful, kind, and helpful to your substitute teachers! #actlikeahufflepuff
  • Reminder — everything you need can be found on the “Peculiar Institution” page.

I. First, if you and your fellow soldiers did not complete your work on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, please do so. Submit your work on GoogleClassroom.

II. Second, begin your work on Calhoun, Truth, and Douglass. This is very serious and challenging work. Please take your time; be thoughtful and thorough. Pay very close attention to the learning targets and to all instructions. Submit your work on GoogleClassroom.

III. Should you finish your Calhoun, Truth, and Douglass assignment, continue your Collection and Creation project. Finish making your way through the “Peculiar Institution” resources that interest you. Take notes (your observations, reactions, and questions) and build your word bank. Compose your found poem from your word bank. Again, pay close attention to the learning targets and to all instructions. Double- and triple-check the rubric. Note: Please submit your poem on GoogleClassroom AND print a hard copy that you can hang on your locker.

IV. Additional orders…

  • Check the list below to make sure you are not missing work! If you are missing work, get it in!
  • Pass back assessed work from your class’s hanging file folder in the black crate.
  • Take up challenges that interest you to earn Civil War points!
  • Study Vocabulary List #3!
  • Read for fun!

If your name appears below, it means I don’t have something from you. Check your learning target progress report to see what you’re missing.

  • Jeanna A.
  • George E.
  • Karly F.
  • Mya J.
  • Ellie L.
  • Sofia L.
  • Cole S.
  • Andrew B.
  • Iren H
  • Donovan J
  • Aspyn K.
  • Nick L.
  • John W.
  • Laine B.
  • Peter E.
  • Audrey F.
  • Meredith G.
  • Sander R.
  • Anna S.
  • Curtis T.
  • Ali V.
  • Porter W.
  • Isaiah C.
  • Ava E.
  • Tuzzie R.
  • Jordan S.
  • Karan S.