Poerty in Slavery; Slavery in Poetry

Learning Targets:

  • make meaning of a poem, based on my prior knowledge and research into the subject matter.
  • define the meaning of words and phrases in the poem, not just literal but more metaphorical or symbolic meaning.
  • explain my ideas of what a poem means, supporting my ideas with specific evidence and examples from the poem itself.
  • use Notice and Note Signposts to help me make meaning of a poem.

Click here for the Poems.

Explore poetry in slavery and slavery in poetry to not only learn more about the American story of slavery, but also to build your literary analysis skills.

Read, annotate, and discuss the poem you’ve been assigned. Feel free to utilize the resources on the “Slavery in Poetry and Poetry in Slavery” page.

Click on the poet’s name for more information about the poet.

As you read, annotate, and discuss, consider…

  • What do you see in this poem?
  • What do you think it means?
  • Why do you think it’s important?
  • How and why does it tell America’s story?

Also feel free to add to your Collection and Creation notes and word bank!

Submit your group’s work on GoogleClassroom. Please make sure every group member’s name is on your work.