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geneluenyang_selfportrait-e1475180347126-749x1024This Chinese-American cartoonist forces us to face racist stereotypes by Joshua Barajas @PBS Newshour September 30, 2016

“Although the work, released 10 years ago this month, doesn’t completely shy away from the superhero tradition of comics, the graphic novel is grounded in small school-age moments that weigh heavily on its Asian-American characters: the well-meaning teacher mispronouncing a student’s name, the blatant racism found in schoolyard taunts and difficulties of trying to fit in….

….I hope that a kid who has never felt part of the majority, a kid who has always felt like an outsider, will understand, regardless of what it is that makes them an outsider, that that is not an experience that’s unique to them. Actually, more of us feel like outsiders than insiders. In a weird way, that kind of ties us all together.”