Let’s get reading!

imgresThe American Studies 40 Book Challenge!

What: Try to read 40 books.

When: By the end of the school year.

Where: At school AND at home.

Why: Because the more you read…

  • the stronger and more accomplished reader and writer you become
  • the more extensive your vocabulary becomes
  • the better your understanding of grammar and conventions become
  • the more extensive your background knowledge becomes
  • the more enjoyable and relaxing the act of reading becomes
  • the more fervent, ardent, and vehement your love of books becomes

And, um, because reading is awesome and books are awesome and readers are awesome and talking about books is awesome. Oh! And Mrs. Eppelsheimer is awesome.

Who: Donalyn Miller, author of The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, explains:

  • Strong readers have lots of reading experiences. You need to be a good all-around reader.
  • There’s the right book for you out there somewhere. Let’s find it.
  • Whether you read or not isn’t a choice, but what you read is YOUR choice.
  • Your reading life matters.

That last bullet point is importantYOU have total control in this challenge. You make your own reading plans; you choose what you read and when you read it. Your goal is simply to read!

We’ll check in on how many books we’ve all read, what books we think other people should check out, and all that stuff throughout the year. Thus, we’ll keep a list of what we’re reading in a GoogleDoc on GoogleClassroom. Other than keeping that list, your only other job is to READ.

Let’s do it! Forty books, woo!