Please check your Learning Targets!

If you have not done so lately, please check your Learning Targets log for up-to-date information about target scores and missing work.

Remember, it’s a GoogleSheet shared directly with you. Go to “Shared With Me” and search for “ASR S2 LT.”

If you’re missing work, get it in asap! Realize that we’re meeting for conferences next week! We want only good things to talk about with your parents! 🙂

Taking Your Stand


We’ve been talking about the concept of taking a stand since the first day of school, and we have referenced the idea time and time again in American Studies. You’ve completed your little project (YAY!), and we hope that you drew some inspiration from both your own research and that of your classmates. Now, it’s your turn to inspire others by taking your stand.

Taking Your Stand 

Spring Conference Reflection Sheet


The reflection sheet you completed during Advising on Wednesday 2/22 is required for your spring conference with all teachers. You are responsible for the reflection sheet

Come prepared to meet with your teachers, beginning the discussion and leading the conversation based upon what you’ve written. Please be thorough and thoughtful.

Show your teachers and your parents that you are doing what you need to do as a student by coming prepared with your reflection sheet in hand, ready to talk and take an active role in your conference with all of your teachers.

All of your teachers look forward to spring conference with you and your parents!